Time for a REAL change around here

Apr 01 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

As I'm sure my regular reader knows, there are some exciting new changes afoot in the bloggosphere. Occam's Typewriter have agreed to move to Scientopia in exhange for regular cashmoney payments, and I must say we're excited to have them.

Or would be. You see, the only way we can afford them is institute a pay-per-view subscription for our readers. And alas, some of us are morally opposed to that (I prefer corporate branding and gratuitous product placement). Therefore I'm joining some of my colleagues and accepting a long standing offer to move to Occam's Typewriter!

But that's not the only change. Over the last few months I've begun to realise what a mansplaining d00d I can be sometimes. The patience and gentle  pressure of my feminist friends has helped me see the light (plus a regular  thrashing from Zuska, but that costs extra). I feel like I truly understand the struggle women face in the workplace and in the home.

In order to show solidarity I'm undergoing gender reassignment surgery!! Zuska is shutting down TSZ for a funimism blog at Occam's T,  but I believe the world needs hairy legged feminazis and I see it as my duty to pick up the torch (I already have the hairy legs bit!).

So, I hope you'll join me, post surgery (will be live blogged!!) at Occam's Typewriter and help me embrace my new feminine female side!

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