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Deary me, where does the time go?

May 18 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Hello Reader,

remember me? Sorry I've been so quiet. I know all one of you hang on my every, fleeting word. There have been some major changes at my work and we're moving soon...somewhere. No one really knows what's going on at our level of the totem pole. But, my University is also undergoing some major changes too and those necessarily affect me and my team.

I gather we're all safe for now, but our budget runs out in 6 weeks and we don't know where we're going yet. We cover about 25% of our salary line through grants right now and I have two major deals in the pipeline so I could get us up to 50% by the middle of next year.

I also have some possible career options looming...perhaps a Faculty post? Perhaps a Directorship?

Who knows? ... Well, someone does, but they haven't told me yet.

Anyway, I'm off on vacation tomorrow. 2 weeks in England and week in Tuscany should re-charge the batteries and I'll come back to the epic clusterfuck that will unravel while I'm away exciting changes that will likely start to occur the minute I enter international airspace.
I'll blog from Europe, here and at the other place. See y'all soon...

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