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Territorial demarcation

Jul 19 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

We're moving. My office, that is. The Unit I once belonged to (biomedical informatics) has been subsumed into the Office of Research, along with a couple of other bits and pieces. I now belong to those bits and pieces.

My "old" boss is now doing her job and mine, and looking for a replacement for our faculty technical guru who got a wicked good TT faculty offer at a Big 10 university.

I now work for someone else, at my same rank - the nebulous and newly invented title of Program Manager (above project manager, but below director). But I am now Program Manager of Grant Support (I wanted "Research Development", but am too low on the totem pole to argue the case). It should be interesting, although it takes me further from research itself. I had an offer for a Directorship of Faculty Development and I turned it down to stay in the Office of Research and now I'm doing pretty much the same thing as I would have been only for a different boss and without the pay rise and promotion.

Ho hum, you win some, you lose some.

I'm not badly off, and I've fought and won an almost 50% pay rise since leaving my postdoc three years ago. I'm not great in nebulous roles though, and this is nebulous to the extreme. No real remit, other than, "We need more grants. Do something to help the faculty." I've got some ideas and I've crowd-sourced for more. If anyone has specific suggestions for improving faculty grant application submission rates (and maybe even success rates!) leave a comment. I'm looking at NIH and - shock horror - non-NIH funding. In this funding climate beggars can't be choosers I say.

We have a new Vice Chancellor starting soon and I need to consolidate this position and do wondrous things in the next couple of months. I'll write about them and we can share my successes and/or failures. In a year I hope to either have a (non-TT) faculty appointment as Director (administrative faculty) or be on the job market looking for a move.

Right now though, I am making my introductions to the other staff (they know me but not my new role). And we've been ordered to pack up and get ready to move to new digs. And the territorial demarcation has begun - the place reeks of piss and vinegar as squabbles over space and supplies and furniture break out amongst the junior staff. They don't get it - this isn't the fight you need to be having There's a battle going on and our jobs are on the line.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of War!

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