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This is a knee jerk post. I have done no research. It is based on experience of this case, this "environment*" and today's news about the West Memphis 3 and listening to a news "item" on NPR driving home just now.

The West Memphis 3 get freedom, predicated on signing a plea deal.

The plea deal for the West Memphis 3 says that the AK attorney had enough evidence to prosecute

The plea deal allows therefore the AK to be "right" in what the Prosecutors Office did, (which was to imprison 3 teenagers for 18 years, with one on death row, on bad evidence, in the face of new evidence...)

The plea deal says the West Memphis 3 cannot sue for compensation, because, as stated above, the AK Attorney was right to prosecute and imprison and  impose ultimate sanction on one third of them.

So if the Attorney was right enough to imprison three children and convict one to death, why are they now let out? On a deal that says they cannot now sue for recompense. These three men are now in the early-mid thirties with no skills, no experience of how the world has changed and no financial system to help them. One has been in solitary confinement *for a decade*.

The median wage of Tennessee is $44,000/yr, and the city of West Memphis is 3 miles from here. Assuming these rough numbers and the ignoring a host of other factors, each of the West Memphis Three should be compensated at least $750,000 just on lost wages. Before we complain about my appalling presumption in this math, let's also consider the cost of the social services they will need to help adjust to a society they are not ready for. And that solitary confinement thing too, that's gonna need some work.

There are two dead children and the bills keep mounting...gonna need to pay for that re-trial...based on uh, evidence we've been ignoring for a coupla decades...

Who gets paid for? The living three or the dead two? And do you really think that justice will be served in this case, finally?



*I live in the "East" Memphis that West Memphis is named for. Y'all wanna know about West Memphis? Come to Memphis and ask...half the folks you chat to of an evening are from the west side of the I40 bridge.

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Hey Kiddo

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Well, here we are then. I guess you really are real. It's not just your mum making things up to get extra food and sleep, and to uh miss her period, and make me stop smoking finally...and...well, anyway...



I don't know what to say because I have too much to say. Too many thoughts. I wonder if you'll be like me and think too much sometimes. I have a million wonders about you and I can't wait to figure them out.

Sometimes I think I'm going to be right (actually, most of the time for your first decade and half). Sometimes I'm almost definitely going to be wrong (but I'll never admit it, so here is lesson one in self-control). Most of the time though I think we'll figure that out as we go. I can't wait.

It's the oddest thing, I already love you and you're just a kumquat.

But I saw your heart beating inside your chest. I heard your heart beat through ultrasound. You're alive, you're real.

You were our embryo, and now you're our foetus. You will be my baby, and you'll always be my child.

Here we go kid. Wish us luck.

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