No spare time

Aug 15 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

I was going to write about the broohaha over at Freethought Blogs and Thunderf00t accessing an email listerserve he was removed from. But then I thought, what an odious little toad he is, but I don't have time. Plus, he's an odious little toad and it's not worth it.

So I thought I'd write about a post PZ Myers has at Pharyngula on a Boing Boing article by Maggie Koerth Baker about fundamentalist Christians decrying mathematics (set theory - great article and worth reading). I like PZ Myers & blog and I am kind of a firebrand atheist myself, but I thought his analogy to mushrooms missed a fundamental point in the argument about fundamentalist Christians and their blinkered beliefs. But...I don't have time

I had and have a bunch of things that I want to write about, some serious (see above), some infuriating (see more above), some less serious and some even fun. Some about careers, some about networking and the value of a professional network. Some about events I've been to along these lines.

None of which I have the time or energy to do. I think the lack of sleep is making me into a zombie. I love being a father and husband, but I wish I had more time.

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  • Welcome to the other side, dude. Your calendar will open up again sometime in the future though. But you might want to spend the extra time being a father with someone who finally interacts with you and stuff.

    • brooksphd says:

      I think I'll find a balance eventually LOL

      My wife is starting back to work after a long maternity leave + summer break (works in the school system), so I think as we adjust to being a working family there will be a greater sense of routine and pockets of time might open up...

  • I have the same problem. I've noticed the activation energy for blog writing is super high these days. I really have to get pissed off about something to even entertain the idea of sitting down for an hour and writing about it. You're not alone.

    • brooksphd says:

      I've also gotten in the habit of not taking my laptop home with me and trying to write on the iPad is a huge PitA! I can get all riled up and ready to go and then think about trying to type on the iPad screen and a wave of ennui crashes in

  • brooksphd says:

    Ha! No its all loverly & marvellous! I just wish I had more time to use it or remembered my bloody laptop at the end of the day.

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