Postive Discrimination

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From the BBC News site:

"Two people are dead, including a gunman, and up to eight others are wounded in a shootout near New York's Empire State Building, officials say. The gunman was reportedly killed by police, and officials said eight others were wounded in the rush-hour incident in the heart of Manhattan....Some of those hit by bullets may have been accidentally hit by police, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a news conference. But he said their injuries were not life-threatening and they were expected to make a full recovery...One woman, Aliyah Imam, told TV station Fox 5 News that the gunman was "shooting indiscriminately at people"."

The gunman was shooting indiscriminately at people? And so were the fucking police by all accounts! This happens far too often - Officer Smith, in the heat of the moment, whips out his police issue Glock and starts shooting off rounds *towards* the perceived threat. When one learns to shoot and takes carry permit classes one is taught that everything that happens to your bullet, from the moment it leaves the barrel to the moment it impacts the "Bad Guy", is YOUR responsibility. And without constant training (and possibly even then) you WILL fire wildly under pressure, you will not be in your Weaver stance, you will not think "front site". You WILL grab the trigger and keep grabbing it until you're out of ammo. And all those bullets are your responsibility.

I wonder how much practice time, and live fire time and shooter-drill time those cops had. And I wonder if any of them will be held responsible for their bullets? Actually, no I don't.

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  • Jim Thomerson says:

    And how do you know all this? I've never shot anything which was shooting back, but I've never had an experience anything like what you describe.

    • brooksphd says:

      Jim, I've never shot under pressure either, but I've had three firearms instructors and all were retired military. These are their words (paraphrased).

      In fact, I can throw a free plug to one of them who until reently ran a firearms training school in Tampa. He might want to expand on my argument, even though he might disagree with my post...

  • Markk says:

    The police by any standard whatsoever were not "firing indiscriminately at people"
    They were aiming t the gunman. They might not have been accurate but they were discriminating. So I think the distinction is fair.

    So you are accusing the police of loosing their cool and wildly firing not following any of the extensive training they have had? Got any evidence at all?

    That is a pretty offhand accusation you made there.

    • brooksphd says:

      They missed Markk. They're the professionals, and they initiated a gunfight on a crowded NYC street during rush hour. And they shot innocent bystanders.

      Offhand accusation or a simple re-iteration of publicly posted newswire information...and the words of the Mayor of NYC...

  • brooksphd says:

    Im looking forward to the inquiry on this one too.

    14 shots fired by police, 9 innocent bystanders hit. One bad enough to leave a "stream of blood".

    But they'll be fine, right? The Mayor said so. Full recovery they say.

  • boba says:

    Two Words: Sean Bell.
    The NYPD has a reputation for shooting first, and failing to ask the questions afterward. And yes, while in the military, I carried a sidearm. If the darn thing came out of the holster, I had to fill out a form describing the incident.
    Think about, the assailant fired a single round at the police, and they responded with 16 rounds. Somebody better be assigned to permanent desk duty after this incident.

  • brooksphd says:

    Thanks for the comment Boba. Part of me thinks it's because neither cop had shot in aggression before, but really...if you're going to carry a gun then know how to use it. A civilian shooter (2nd Amendment rights) would be justifiably pilloried for shooting 9 people in a self defence situation.