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With the arrival of a Tiddlet now hopefully inevitable it has become apparent that old ways must be left behind, and I must return once more to the healthier side of life. I've been a smoker, off and on, for about 20 years. That's gotta go. I drink perhaps a tiny more than is strictly healthy (although I do blame the ever dwindling amount of alcohol allowed in "healthy" diets). In grad school I was quite the health-nut for a few years; running 3-5 miles 3 times each week, cycling about 120 miles/week cross-county, playing soccer a couple of nights a week in spring and summer.

Then I started my postdoc...needless-to-say the exercise dropped off and the drinking increased. Science is unforgiving and the relative freedom of graduate school is sorely missed once the Postdoc Clock starts. I rapidly lost most of the muscle I carried on me, and replaced it with a double chin and a belly. Then in 2007 I decided to try again at the healthy side of life and took up Muay Thai, and this I have done since -  off and on, although more off than on since last fall. I should write about it sometime, it's a great sport and more people should do it. It's incredibly aerobic and tremendous fun. in addition, most clubs will have lessons/classes for different types of people. If your goal is simply exercise there will be exercise heavy classes, or you can do what I did - the more aggressive 'real' version (three cracked ribs, three broken noses, two concussions, a dislocated finger & a broken-dislocated toe, to name a few of the more exciting injuries I've picked up).

Recently my Belov'd and highly esteemed BlogSister Scicurious offered to help encourage me to quit smoking and get my shit back together. We'll be meeting IRL for the first time in November at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Washington, D.C., and Sci has challenged me to a 5K run around the National Mall. now, I am nothing if not ridiculously competitive so what can I do?

The training has begun*! I'm back in my favourite gym in downtown, just a few minutes from my office. And this 'page' shall serve as memento/record/ass-kicker to my 'training' and general 'getting-my-shit-back-togetherness'. Content might dstay here if I update infrequently enough, or it mght move altogether if this "Page" thing becomes cumbersome.

August, 2011 -
Diet: We're breaking in slowly. Diet is changing to include extra helpings of steamed veggies, and I'm including rice or pasta (instead of potatoes) for at least three dinners/week. Lunch is sammiches and fruit. After work out is milk + whey protein (still working on not getting all over my suit & office...)
Exercise: Also breaking in slowly since I've done nothing but 16Oz curls since about Christmas. routine right now is 9 minutes on the treadmill (2 mins walking @ 3.5 mph, 5 mins running at 6.5 mph, 2 mins walking at 3.5 mph). This covers about 3/4ths of a mile.
75 crunches
3 x 13 reps lats/deltoid (60lb)
65 crunches
3 x 13 reps pecs (60lb)
55 crunches shoulders
3 x 13 reps (75lb)
barbell curl
barbell burnout (45lb)

I will of course get the proper names for the exercises as soon as my utter brain melt has faded away...,




*includes traces of LOL - really...it's only 3.5 miles

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